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Friday, August 26, 2016


As first announced via my Facebook and Twitter accounts, I will again be participating in the media coverage for Rose City Comic Con!

I'm looking forward to the experience and I am very thankful to Ron & Paula Brister for allowing me and my team to come in to cover the event.

When I say "team", I mean my friends from {Chrysalis Rising Photographic Studio}. This year, I have a better gameplan for where to go and who to take photo's of. Look forward to seeing more of Rita's great photography.

As we did last year, I have reached-out to several of the attending artists to see if any of them would be able and willing to donate a cover to Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer. So far we've had 3 artists confirm that they would be willing to donate. Once we're another week closer to the event (September 10-11), I'll post on our Facebook page who those wonderful contributing artists are.

Last year, we had a Larry Hama cover autograph challenge where we had donated G.I. Joe covers that were signed by Hama. This year, both Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner are going to be attending, so I made a call for Harley Quinn covers that we'll have signed by both. It should be fun!

With regards to #CBC4C, I was thinking about the fact that we're unable to have our regular
auctions in September, and I wanted to continue our efforts to promote
cancer awareness as well as hopefully raise some additional $$ for the American Cancer Society.

Since I don't run and can't grow facial hair, I thought I would step
outside of my comfort zone. At the beginning of October, I will shave my
head. I encourage anyone willing to take this challenge to do so as well and share a video on the #CBC4C FB page.

Also, for those that would like to support our cause but keep your
hair, I have added a donation button to our FB page. All donations made
from now until the beginning of October will go to ACS for cancer

Spread the word. Accept the challenge. Make a donation.

 Seems easy enough.

I look forward to your responses.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

New Posts Coming in September!

I know that August hasn't seen any reviews or other posts on here. I needed to take some time to myself, and frankly, I'm running out of trades to review from my collection.

I'm planning on some new articles and reviews starting in September. Hopefully, I will have a review of this years Rose City Comic Con as well.

Keep the faith and stay tuned.


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