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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zanziber vs. Marvel & Diamond (Update)

I received the following email from Jason @ Marvel today:


Hi John,

Sorry that Diamond had not gotten back to you with your request.

While we personally don't have X-Men: Phoenix--Endsong at our offices, we do have similar trades that could function as a replacement for your damaged copy. Here's what we have:


X-Force: Sex and Violence

X-Men: Second Coming Revelations

Any of these titles interest you? If so, let me know which one would act as a suitable replacement for X-Men: Phoenix--Endsong and we'll send it your way.




I've let him know I'm happy with the level of service he has and is providing and that X-Men: Phoenix Rising will fill the void that Endsong has left. I think I should be able to replace my misprinted copy. Once I have my replacement from Marvel, I'll post a full update.

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