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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why Do You Game?

In all the years I've been role playing, I don't think I've ever been asked this question. I have been told that I should play these games, but I've never had someone question my reasons behind my fascination.

I guess I've always had an overgrown sense of wonder and imagination. When I was a child, my first movie experience was the original Star Wars and I think this may have provoked my interest into escapism and fantasy. This was promoted through the ample supply of toys and action figures that pressed my young mind into utilizing my imagination on a regular basis.

The answers are different for every person. Some hope to use it to escape from the banality of real life. Others may use it as a crutch to seem socially active. I'm sure there are those who see gaming as their only method of finding friends. I'll even bet there there are more than a few of the rare gamer girls that will secretly admit that the only reason they game or at least got into gaming is because of a significant other; either boyfriend or girlfriend.

With gamer celebrities like Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton, it has become increasingly popular to be known as a gamer these days. It makes one wonder what brought them to the table.There are now so many different Facebook groups that proclaim "Geeks Are Sexy" and similar notions that stimulate the idea that being a gamer is now considered "cool". 

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