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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Future of Lady Death

Today, I read the following post on the "Lady Death- Boundless Comics" Facebook page:

LADY DEATH being missing from store shelves for the last 4 months and
how that looks like cancellation, Shawn Wick posts: "Why does it have to
be automatically obvious it's been cancelled? Why on Earth would they
not print all the issues? Why would the series not just start up again
in January? Were there any other issues beyond #30 that were being done?
Could there end up being a final issue to wrap everything up at least?
If all this is true then you have got to be kidding me. One of my
ultimate favorite characters and they solicit issues and then just never
print them? This is a disgrace! It's unacceptable, plain and simple.
Man, this really makes my blood boil with rage, I gotta say. I cannot
even begin to comprehend or accept this in any way."

Considering your obvious passion for the series, your outrage is
understandable, Shawn. I'm not happy either, having heavily invested
myself in the writing and promotion of the series for
the last 3 years. I completed the scripts for the first 6-issue arc
(#25-30) featuring LD's new look and powers, and the full color art was
also completed for those issues by Marc Borstel. The "Death's Reaper" LD
arc would have run a total of 18 issues, spanning #25-42. With no
explanation from Boundless, all we can do is speculate, but at this
point it looks like those books might never be printed or shipped for a
number of reasons. My hands are tied in the matter, and although I'm
aware of why this has happened, I'm still not in a position to speak
about it publicly, and I'm waiting for an official company statement
from the publisher just as you are.

I put everything I had
into the series, expanding on established characters and creating a
large number of new allies and enemies for LD, and fell in love with
each and every one of them, so it's frustrating to not see them bloom
from the seeds I planted.

My major concern is that without a
responsible statement from Boundless to all of their loyal fanbase, they
will be creating resentment for the company and taint fan acceptance of
future releases, whether those books are LADY DEATH or other
properties. Please be aware: There are issues specific only to LADY
DEATH which is preventing its publication, and I would hate to see a
stigma attached to other 2014 Boundless releases, because I'm probably
going to have my name attached to at least one of those.

Maybe things will turn around, problems will be solved and a resolution
will come that will see the relaunch of the series. As I've said, as
soon as I know something concrete and a public statement has been
released, I'll let you guys know.

My thoughts...

  • I've been a fan of Lady Death and Brian Pulido since the beginning. I hope that when the official public statement sheds some light on what's going on.

  • As a long-time fan of Lady Death, I'm use to having the series being stopped. I'm not saying that I'm happy about it, just that I'm familiar with the feeling.

  • Lady Death is the only series that I collect from Avatar Press/Boundless Comics. If Lady Death is cancelled, I don't think I'll actively try to find additional titles from Avatar to add to my collection.

  • My hope is that the public statement is more a "We're on a break" rather than a cancellation.

  • When the new Lady Death series was originally released, it encouraged me to re-collect the old Chaos! books. (Those who have been with me from the start of Zanziber's PoV know that I've collected and sold my prior collection.)

We'll see what happens. If the series is cancelled, I guess I'll be able to devote extra resources to re-collecting the Chaos! books.

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