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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Character Generation

I know there are so many different systems that have various methods of generating characters. Since I originally was brought into RPG's using Dungeons & Dragons, I've always been accustomed to a 4d6 method of generating your characters attributes. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, you roll 4d6, remove the lowest single result, and that's your stat score. (i.e. 4d6 rolls 4, 5, 6 & 2 so your total would be 15.) When I joined the Pathfinder game I'm currently in, I was finally introduced to a point-buy system of stat generation.

I recently found a post entitled The Ultimate Question – Roll or Point Buy? and it got me thinking. While I understand the fairness of a point buy to all players, I feel that this doesn't allow for much creativity for the players. In the day's of Gygax, Perren & Arneson, dice were the method of character creation. Why change? For some people, it make character creation a little more difficult. I was able to adapt, but I went down that path kicking and screaming. (Figuratively speaking, or I doubt the group I'm gaming with would have let me stay.)

We have dice for a reason. For me, character generation has always been a time where I get my dice rolling out of my system. (For reference: I'm usually relegated to playing the supportive spellcaster, and don't make too many rolls in combat situations.) This is why I have dice and this is why I purchased them. Granted, one of my favorite systems (White Wolf's classic World of Darkness) is a point buy system... but when I play D20, I prefer to roll my stats and let fate step in.

I know I can go on and on about this, and I know that many of my readers have opinions on the subject. I would welcome you to leave comments about which system of character generation you prefer and why.

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  1. The thing with point buys is balance. Systems that use constantly rolled stats end up with imbalances in base stats on characters simply due to dice rolls.

    Because really all your doing in most games these days is determining how much of a bonus or penalty you get for certian things. The actual base number on the stat is kinda irrelevant.

    Its in the end why I prefer a point buy system. You can set the power curve of the bonuses and then let people decide where they want to put their edge.

    But then I have whole extended rants about why I hate*chuckle*


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