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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Experience logs

In 1996, I was introduced to LARP in The Camarilla. With this introduction came an interesting item that I continue to use today: an experience log.

In White Wolf's World of Darkness, you spend your earned experience points in order to advance your attributes, abilities, powers and just about everything else. For The Camarilla, you needed to maintain an experience log for each character you played so that the ST's would know where you received your experience and where it was spent.

Since its introduction to my life, I have used experience logs for every World of Darkness game I've run... and others have followed suit.

I think that this concept can be easily adapted to every other experienced-based RPG.

"Why" do you ask? Easy. I've noticed too many people forgetting when they receive what amount of experience and they attempt to rely on other players and the DM to maintain a level of consistency. It should be the responsibility of the individual player to track their own experience.

For World of Darkness LARP, it comes down to recording experience, you have a few specific items you need:

  • When XP was earned.

  • How much XP was earned.

  • When XP was spent and on what.

  • A running total of remaining XP.

Since I'm currently developing a Pathfinder campaign, I'm thinking I'll need the following:

  • When XP was earned.

  • How much XP was earned.

  • A running total of XP earned.

  • If any XP was removed/lost.

  • When your character leveled-up.

Has anyone else ever added XP logs to your games outside of the World of Darkness? If so, how did they work for you and do you have any opinions?

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