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Sunday, February 22, 2015

TFAW Signing Event: Mike Mignola

Friday, February 20, 2015-

Again I had the good fortune of attending another signing event at Things From Another World's Portland store. Although there were 2 separate events, I only attended the first with Mike Mignola.

I've been to a previous Mignola signing event at this location, so I knew what I was getting into before I came. TFAW has made a few changes to their event protocol's that I would like to address:

  1. This event was ticketed through Eventbrite. Past signings have not been ticketed, but I believe that this was a great effort to reduce the "carnage" of having too many people in the area they have available. The tickets were free and I was able to use the Eventbrite app on my smartphone to show that I was indeed one of the allowed masses. I feel this is a welcomed change and I hope that TFAW utilizes this method for their future signing events. A+

  2. Instead of having everyone mulling about the store while the TFAW staff worked on the last minute setup, people were ushered out and queued in the parking lot and provided bracelets once we showed we had tickets. It's fortunate that the weather was unseasonably warm and dry. For future events, if they choose to use this method, I would hope that TFAW provides some cover for outside. While we were out there, we got to watch the delivery of the Rouge Ale boxes for this event. It wasn't until later that I would find out that these were more than what TFAW has normally offered. Here's the Rouge delivery vehicle:

  3. Once inside, we were again queued into one of 2 lines. 1 for Mike Mignola and 1 for the purchase of the "Right Hand of Doom Red Ale" bottles that were in the boxes being delivered. As I read the announcement of this beer only days before the event, I was excited to be able to purchase a couple of bottles. I hope they're able to do similar promotions in the future.

One other thing that TFAW did to help make this event go well and quickly get people their signatures was to actually limit the number of items they could get signed to 2. As much as I would have liked to have been able to get the rest of my Hellboy in Hell issues signed, I chose to get my copies of Hellboy: The Midnight Circus and Batman #700 signed by Mignola. I don't regret the choice.

Keep up the great signing events, TFAW! I'm already looking forward to visiting the Beaverton store in March for the Terry & Rachel Dodson signing event!

As most of my faithful readers know, I don't really take too many photos of people. This event was no exception. Here's the only other pic I took while at the event and the guy in the mirror sporting a NW Comic Fest t-shirt may look a little familiar.

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