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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer - How Can I Help?

I occasionally get asked how people can help Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer. I thought I'd post this for everyone who has asked and everyone that will.

If you're an artist, the most obvious way to help us is by donating your time and work on a cover (or more). Many of the artists who have already donated covers to CBC4C have done so repeatedly, and for that we are forever grateful. If you fit in this category, there are 2 options:

  1. If you're within the USA, we can ship blank covers to you to work on. We ask that you please return them within a reasonable amount of time (no longer than 6 months) and please keep in communication with us. Unfortunately, we do not have funding available to be able to ship internationally. I hope to be able to change that in the future because I've seen so many talented artists who have posted art that are outside the USA.

  2. If you have covers that you've already worked on that you would like to donate, we will graciously accept them. When we setup the auctions on eBay, we do designate when a cover and comic have been donated to us.

Although I give full artistic license to each artist on what they create, I do occasionally post an artist challenge to help inspire people. These challenges range from specific characters to themes to homage covers. I also appreciate when artist embrace the awareness side of our cause an add one of the various cancer ribbons to their work.

What do you get in return for your donation? We make sure that your contact information is passed along to the buyer so that they may (hopefully) contact you for future commission work. Also, when I see your posts on Facebook, I try to share them as much as possible indicating that you are a CBC4C contributing artist. I've also been adding a "Contributing artist badge" to Facebook posts from contributing artists in hope of not only spreading the word about CBC4C, but also that each artist has cared enough to lend their support to our cause.

If you're not an artist, there are ways you can help CBC4C as well:

  1. We have a GoFundMe campaign setup for those who would like to donated money to help us with our operating expenses. We do not currently have our non-profit organization status, therefore we are not eligible for grants that would otherwise help to fund our efforts. Right now, we operate out of donations received and my personal finances. With your help, we can keep this project going.

  2. If you are not comfortable with GoFundMe, we can also receive donations via PayPal. Our account is

  3. We have a wishlist on Amazon of items we commonly use or are in need of. These are items such as ink for our printer and shipping labels. If you wish to donate something from our wishlist, please contact me directly before placing and order. There are items on the list that are in higher demand than others and it wouldn't be beneficial to receive several boxes of shipping labels if we are out of ink to be able to print on them.

  4. Spread the word about Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer. Our primary base of operations online is on Facebook, but I also post on Twitter through @ZanziberPoV. Share our page with your friends:

I hope this helps answer whatever questions you may have about donating to Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer.

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