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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fables: Happily Ever After

Title: Fables: Happily Ever After

ISBN: 9781401251321
Price: $17.99
Publisher/Year: Vertigo, 2015
Artist: Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, Andrew Pepoy, Dan Green, Eric Shanower, Tony Akins, Shawn McManus, Nimit Malavia, Jae Lee, Terry Moore, Russ Braun, Chrissie Zullo
Writer: Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges
Collects: Fables #141-149

Rating: 4/5

This is the 21st volume (the 2nd to last) in the Fables series. It did an excellent job of continuing the whole Rose versus Snow storyline that has been ongoing. It also did a great job of wrapping up the stories of many other random characters throughout the series.

Rose Red has started her round table of knights in what she believes is a positive (but a bit misguided) way to rule the Fables and is determined to hunt down and kill the monster Bigby has become. Snow White has long ruled Fabletown and ends up throwing down against Rose Red to save the Fables’ way of live and to save her husband. There is a high body count in this volume as hero after hero falls to the claws and teeth of Bigby.

Additionally throughout there are some “Final Story of So and So” parts. These parts tell the last story of Sinbad, or the Frog Prince, or whomever…and give us us a quick look into where these characters are and what they are doing.

I really enjoyed this volume. The struggle between Rose Red and Snow White is pretty epic. I loved that Snow finally got her kick-butt armor and sword to mirror Rose’s. We also finally get to learn the origins of how Rose and Snow ended up in Fabletown.

The artwork for this series continues to be well done and easy to follow, so I really enjoyed that was well.

Overall I thought this was an excellent continuation of the Fables series. I just got volume 22 and am eager to see how everything wraps up. This has been a wonderful (and incredibly long-running) urban fantasy graphic novel series that I have really enjoyed.

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