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Saturday, June 3, 2023



Back before COVID, there was a wonderful KS campaign for a new RPG setting called Grimmerspace. This caught my attention first with the endorsement of actor Sean Astin, but also I have been looking for new setting to help broaden my role playing experience. I felt that this campaign was going to do that for me.

Unfortunately, I feel that so many things have been stacked against this campaign between COVID related issues on top of the fact that it seems that the people who were bringing this to life didn't have anything completed. Sure they had mock-ups of the books in order to give potential backers a sense of what they were investing their money towards, but that seems like it was just smoke & mirrors.

I'll be honest. I prefer backing campaigns that have most of their work already completed. I'll admit that I do occasionally back campaigns from Onyx Path, and they typically take a long time to be fulfilled; but they also have a proven track record of actually delivering on-time product. Also, I still have a fondness for World of Darkness.

Every update they provide seems to deliver not much actual information, and when asked about when we should realistically expect product to be delivered (I always back campaigns for a physical copy of whatever or just getting PDF's), and am told "check this" or "check that" and never given a direct response for an ETA.

The original delivery estimate was July 2020. As of the writing of this, it is now June 2023 and I still do not have what I paid for. I'm trying to be patient, but after almost 3 years of waiting, my patience is wearing thin.

Once this campaign has been delivered, I hope to be able to write an addendum to this to advise how I feel about the completed product I waiting for so long to receive and finally answer the burning quest: Was it worth it?

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