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Sunday, January 7, 2024

MtG Decklist - Fatal Furries

 I originally started playing Magic the Gathering in 1994, and have been in and out of playing/collecting several times. When Wizards of the Coast originally announced that they were going to start producing cards based from the world of Dungeons and Dragons, I was drawn back to buying, collecting and playing Magic the Gathering again.

This time, I brought my roommates into the habit as well, and we found that my ex-wife actually had a talent for deck construction. She has built a number of decks that are competitive; at least in our social circle.

One of her decks was a tribal squirrel deck that had a knack of generating a huge amount of squirrel tokens. With that in mind, we collaborated on a squirrel deck for myself that I affectionately call Fatal Furries.

If you take a look at the decklist, you can tell that I don't typically prescribe to following a specific format since I originally learned how to play Magic before there were formats. Also, I do also run this deck with a couple of proxies for high value cards. I will admit that the Mox Emerald is in there as a flex mana rock and you are more than welcome to take it out for something else to your liking.

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