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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Ultimates Volume 1: Super-Human

The Ultimates Volume 1: Super-Human



Marvel, 2002

Artist: Bryan Hitch

Mark Millar

The Ultimates #1-6


the world of the Ultimates, Marvel Comics' reimagination of its superhero
history, the Nazis (with a little outside help) were the first to develop a
hydrogen bomb. They failed to win the war only because Captain America managed
to sabotage the prototype, a mission that ended in his own apparent death.

ahead 55 years, when industrialist/inventor Tony Stark, creator of the Iron Man
armor, is working to build a government-sponsored superteam with the aid of
S.H.I.E.L.D. head Nick Fury. His team includes Bruce Banner, whose previous
attempts to reinvent Captain America's super-soldier serum led to the creation
of the Hulk; physicists Hank and Janet Pym, who alter their sizes according to
their needs; and the Earth-loving Thor, who is possibly a god and possibly a
nutcase, but whose prowess with a hammer is inarguable.

discovery of Captain America, still breathing and suspended in ice, gives the
project the kickstart it needs. All that remains is a villain to fight -- and
someone on the team knows where to find one.

Marvel's Ultimate remakes of Spider-Man and the X-Men, the Ultimates have
significant differences from the mainstream Avengers on whom they are modeled.
Captain America, for instance, is a little more Ramboesque, and his pal Bucky
-- more publicist than sidekick -- survived the war and aged at a natural pace.
The Pyms have no magically adaptive costumes, so -- unless they have time to
change after shrinking or growing -- they go into battle naked. Thor is more
aloof from his fellow heroes, more new-agey in attitude and chummy with the
normal folk who adore him. Banner harbors strong, subconscious libido issues
along with his secret rage, and Janet learns that sometimes the worst villain
is at home.

franchise, which has been growing stale, has a fresh start to build upon. Now,
where's volume two?

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