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Monday, March 10, 2014

Status of Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer (#CBC4C)

We've had some great success over the last couple of months for our auctions, and we've been able to raise over $300 for the American Cancer Society. For that, I am extremely thankful for everyone's support.

We've been fortunate enough to have several great artists to help #CBC4C become successful, and to them I give a well deserved "Thank You!" Without you, none of this would be possible.

We're currently at a bit of a crossroads right now.

  1. We're still waiting to hear back from several artists who we've sent cover to in September through December. I'm hopeful that everyone has been on-the-level, but the pessimistic side of me says that there have been at least a couple of people who may have taken advantage of this project. I really can't say one way or another.

  2. Because we're waiting to hear back from so many artists, our inventory of finished covers has been depleted from the auctions and we don't have many new covers to offer. Because of that, we'll probably be continuing to schedule only 1 series of auctions per month while we continue this project.

  3. Because of a personal setback in my employment status, I can no longer afford to ship blank covers to artists at the moment. As I've said from the beginning, this has been funded out of my own pocket (minus the donations we've received) for everything. I'm thankful to have received donations of blank covers, artwork and funding from several people.

As more covers become available, I will continue to post them to our Facebook page (Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer) and I'll make sure to schedule auctions to continue to raise money for ACS because this is cause I believe in.

If you can make a monetary donation to #CBC4C, we have a GoFundMe setup so you can make them. With every donation received we can continue the #CBC4C project and raise $$ for cancer research.

Recently, I saw a piece on the local news about a 3-year old boy who was battling cancer... and was given a short time to actually live. Only a few days later, he died. Here is a link to where you can read about this boy:

When I heard the first story, my initial reaction was that no child should have to fight for his/her life like this. Every $ that we can help raise for the ACS can help make this hope a reality.

Thank you for reading this. I hope that you will share/re-tweet/pass this along to others. The more people who know about the #CBC4C project, the greater the possibility of raising more $$ for cancer research.


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