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Friday, May 30, 2014

Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer Experiences

At the end of July 2013, I was inspired to create Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer project after learning about the Hero Initiative's The Walking Dead 100 Project. As we come closer to the 1 year mark, we have been able to raise over $600 for the American Caner Society.

Originally, I wanted to work primarily with local artists to keep the costs low. This idea didn't work very well, but fortunately I have been able to utilize the USPS flat rate system to keep shipping expenses reasonable. The only large shipping cost I have incurred for shipping blank covers to an artist was in October 2013 when I sent several covers to an artist in Indonesia. Unfortunately, I haven't received those covers back yet and haven't heard from that specific artist since March. There are a few other artists who I've been waiting on their covers to be returned for several months.

The good news is that there have been a multitude of artists who have stepped-up to the commitment they agreed to, and we have been blessed by their donations. I would like to take this moment to publicly thank each of the wonderful artists who have helped us to date:

You can view the covers each of these fine artists have donated on the Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer Facebook page. I welcome you to like us and all of the artists on Facebook and urge you to help spread the word about our cause.

Another big help came from my LCS, Tony's Kingdom of Comics. At first, Tony sold me the blank covers at a great discount. Soon, he simply donated the covers for the cause. I couldn't have continued this project as far as it has gone without his help.

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