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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Help support this site!

With the demise of Borders, I have lost my primary method of purchasing new graphic novels/trade paperbacks in my are at a considerable discount. The continuation of my reviews has always been based on my actual collection, and I have now read through everything.

I do have a large selection of trades that are waiting for me to actually write reviews for, but nothing new after that. At the rate of 1 review per week, I will have no new content for this blog after the new year.

Here's where you can help out...

I have signed-up for the affiliate program at Lone Star Comics. If you go there via the link below and make a purchase, a percentage of your purchase will come to me in the form of store credit that I can use to purchase more trades.

I appreciate any help you can offer, and I hope to continue to make this blog worth reading for years to come.

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