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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Experiences @ ECCC 2012

I know that Emerald City ComiCon ended quite some time ago, but I need to chronicle a few items that still linger from my experiences.

Brian Pulido-

I have been a huge fan of his writing since I picked-up my first copy of Lady Death in the mid 90's. I'm glad to have finally met the man behind the characters: Lady Death, Evil Ernie, Purgatori and a large number of other characters that made Chaos! a brand name so many years ago.

He had a panel to discuss his 20 years of publishing experience. When I arrived, there was only a handful of people in the room. Some of the minions were working on making sure that Brian was there and that the video camera was rolling at the beginning on the discussion.

Brian slipped into the room without anyone noticing... but me. He sat down and looked around for a bit. Nobody else recognized him, but when he noticed that I was looking at him and smirking, he shrugged his shoulders and came back to talk with me.

We had a nice 5-minute discussion before the minions arrived to get him ready to start the discussion he had signed-up for. I always appreciate having an opportunity to chat with writers and artists that I admire... especially when I don't "geek-out" on them. :) It reminds me of the times where I was able to have similar conversations with Fabian Niceza and John Romita Jr. when they visited the Portland Comic Book Show so many years ago.

Bill Willingham-

After reading the Fables series, I should have known that Bill was going to be an interesting man. When I arrived at his table to get a few of my books signed, there was a guy in front of me who was seriously "geeking-out". He asked bill if there was a limit to the number of books he would sign for a single person. Bill replied with an odd-ball number, and then the man proceeded to take out the entire Fables, Jack and Cinderella series of comics for Bill to sign.

An act like this could get someones head removed. Instead, I was willing to wait patiently... as were the hand full of people who were in line behind me. As he signed each book, Bill made casual conversation with everyone there. At one point, he gave people in line concession vouchers for being patient and waiting. I still have mine, since the lines were too long at the concession area when I did feel like using it.

Ben Templesmith-

I didn't realize that Ben was British, so when I asked him for his signature, I was taken back with his accent. Nice guy, but the one thing I want to touch on about my experience with him actually has to revolve around artist Tom Feister... who was supposed to attend.

You see, while Tom did most of the covers, Ben did some of the interiors. When I presented Ben with my offerings for him to sign, he was taken back by the issue where he did the interiors, but the cover was done by Tom. Here is an example of a Ben Templesmith cover:

And here is the same issue with the Tom Feister cover:

I'm sure you can tell the difference. Ben wanted to give Tom a piece of his mind (joking) for having a pink cover. He, begrudgingly, signed my copy of the pink cover. Next time I get to see Tom, I will ask him to add his signature to it as well and I will cherrish it. :)

As they say at the end of Looney Tunes... "That's all folks!"

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