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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Marvel Zombies 4

Marvel Zombies 4



Marvel, 2010

Artist: Kev Walker

Writer: Fred Van Lente

Marvel Zombies 4 #1-4, Tales of the Zombie #1


the A.R.M.O.R. base in Florida is nearly overrun by the zombie plague, two
zombies escape to a remote Caribbean island. 
They are Simon Garth aka 'Zombie' and zombie Deadpool from the alternate
dimension where the zombie plague originated. 
Morbius and Jennifer Kale vow to stop the plague and form a new team
including Jack Monroe aka 'Werewolf by Night' and Daimon Hellstrom aka

The Hood, who is an agent of Dormammu on Earth, is offered to purchase a super
plague to hold the world ransom. 
Dormammu is interested because the plague can remove the superheroes as
opposition for when he takes over our universe. 
The Hood brings the Night Shift to the buy meeting, but things get out
of hand - they always do.

fourth installment of the Marvel Zombies saga just didn't have the same story
quality or character draw as the rest. 
Essentially a Midnight Sons resurrection with a boring plot and too
conveniently wrapped up finish.  I would
pass on this book unless you're either a big fan of the old Marvel horror
characters or absolutely must have the complete set of Marvel Zombies books on
your shelf.

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