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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Onward I go

As I'm working on the specifics for each of the campaign settings, I realize that I really wished I hadn't sold all my old D&D books (save the AD&D hardbacks that I still have). I'm fairly certain that I had each of the adventures I want to run for each setting... minus Dark Sun, because I never really got into it. I had most of the 3.5 conversions, where they were published... like Expedition to Ravenloft or Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk. I'm working on reacquiring some of these books as I have a need to have the physical copy in my hands even though I have digital copies.

As for the Dragons of Autumn and Dragons of Winter 3.5 books, I was fortunate enough to find someone who was selling them off at a very reasonable price. (Not nearly what I found the Dragons of Spring book for, but also nowhere near what others are asking for them on Amazon and eBay.)

Something I think I'm going to start doing is actually using the digital copies that I have to keep notes on. This is easy to do, and I don't mark-up... thus devaluing... my physical copies. Never done this before, but I need to roll with the technological advances at my fingertips.

So far, I have plans for the following campaign settings:

  • Forgotten Realms

  • Dragonlance

  • Greyhawk

  • Ravenloft

I'm very on-the-fence about Eberron. From what I remember of the setting, it's good but I don't know that there were any "epic" adventures for it.

Dark Sun is basically out. As I mentioned above, I never really played it so I am very unfamiliar with the setting. Same can be said for Spelljammers. I don't even think they made a 3.5 version of SJ, so that works to my advantage.

Though I'm familiar with the Oriental Adventures setting for D&D 3.0, I don't think I'm going to offer it as an option because another DM is working on an oriental themed game as a continuation of the campaign he's been running for several years now.

I posted a poll on a Facebook group for local gamers that I help support, and it seems like the majority prefer Forgotten Realms. Even though my purchasing has been focused on Dragonlance, I think I should turn my attention to FR now and see what I can put together.


  1. I moved to Florida and literally threw away practically all my gear, including an original Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, Legends & Lore, Dungeoneer's Survival Guide and more. Stooopid doesn't even begin to describe it. Oh well.

  2. Don't feel too bad. Over the years, I have bought, sold and then begun to repurchase much of my D&D books. While I worked as an assistant manager at a local used book store, I was able to buy quite a number of RPG books for the store and myself. This was when WotC was pumping-out hardcovers for 3.5 at an astronomical rate... and I "had" to get every last one of them.

    When I left that position, I took all my WotC D&D books to Powell's and sold them to pay for bills for a month or 2. Right about now, I wished that I kept at least some of the good books. I have yet to buy a single 4th edition book... and I probably won't ever.

    The one other thing that I still have from my old days of D&D is a box full of maps. Old gazetteer maps, various maps from boxed sets, several maps that were included in either a Dungeon or Dragon magazine... when they were still published. I love that box because I can use the maps for so many other games.

    Thanks for the comment, Ted.


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