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Friday, September 9, 2016

An Open Letter to @eBay RE: #GivingWorks

Dear eBay,

I am writing on behalf of Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer (eBay user ID: CBC4C).

When I first started our non-profit to help raise funds for the American Cancer Society, I found that eBay's Giving Works program was going to be a great fit for what I intended. Our work relationship was excellent until this year when your system became broken and I could no longer manually send my donations nor could I access our donation records.

When I reached-out to your "customer service" team, I was informed that this was due to the separation between eBay and PayPal and that things would improve by the end of the Summer, 2016. It's not September and I don't see any changes being made.

Also, it would be wonderful if there was an email form that users could use in order to properly contact eBay. I don't have much time to sit on the phone and talk to someone who can't do anything for me or have a Twitter account tell me to "DM them" to let them know what my problems are.

Here's the long-and-short of what I would like answered:

  1. When will I be able to access my donation account on eBay again so I can see what donations have been made and when?

  2. When will I be able to manually send our donations instead of having to wait 21 days after the auctions have ended?

  3. When will I be able to receive a full accounting of our donations?

When/If you chose to respond to this, I'm not difficult to find. My email is



Director, Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer


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