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Friday, March 3, 2017

Personal Updates

I wanted to post an update about what's going on with myself since I haven't been exactly on-top of my writing duties to any of my blogs.

I'm hitting the wall on several occasions when trying to write my reviews. I have a small stack of trades that I have read but have not yet reviewed, and I am slowly working my way through the large stack of trades that I need/intend to read for review. It seems like, more often than not, when I go to write a review about a trade I draw a blank on how I feel about it. Some call this "writer's block". I occasionally call it a lack of motivation.

I took a long break last year to try and get my head cleared to write, and I've been able to do so... sporadically.

I know that I've been trying to concentrate on so many other things in my life, and that is why I feel this way. I have my job, collecting comics, collecting Funko Pops, role playing games, and my all-consuming passion is my non-profit, Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer.

This past week, I watch a video my friend Ben Kreger did about his comic, "Black Suit of Death". Several of the things he said helped to inspire me to write.

As I believe I've pointed-out in the past, there was a time where I was actively trying to write a few different comics. It seems like every time I would work on one of the titles I had in mind, something would just fall-out and I would feel that the concept was lost... so I would shelve it.

This morning... as I am now on day 3 of my staycation from work... I awoke around 1am with a brilliant thought on how to incorporate the different titles I've been working on over the past 20+ years into something new. This has given me the inspiration to write again. Instead of 3 different and separate titles to try and write, I'm focusing on a singular title. Instead of a multi-issue comic series, I want to do a graphic novel format.

While I'm still working through getting reviews written and posted, I will also be attending a few cons this year (Northwest Comic Con March 18-19, Rose City Comic Con September 9-11& EUCON November 11-12). Look forward to my experiences from each of these, and possibly others, throughout the year.

Thank you for staying with me on this. I hope to make it worth your time.

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