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Saturday, January 13, 2024

YouTube Recommendation - Magic Arcanum


When Wizards of the Coast originally announced that they were going to start producing cards based from the world of Dungeons and Dragons, I was drawn back to buying, collecting and playing Magic the Gathering again.

I originally started playing around 1994 when The Dark expansion was originally released. Since then, I stopped collecting/playing a few times and sold my collection. The last time I purchased any cards was between 2010 - 2012 when it was suggested I try to get back into playing with some pre-constructed decks. I never actually got a chance to play, so I sold those cards.

I knew there was a deeper story to Magic, but had never really read into it before. I used to collect the early comic books, but that was primarily because they came with cards and I thought they were going to be more than just simple common cards. I was wrong, and I never actually read any of the comics.

Then, a few years ago, I came across the Magic Arcanum channel, and this got me interested into the stories of each set. Thus far, I have enjoyed learning about the various stories and have even gotten interested in watching the videos where they rank cards throughout the history of Magic.

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